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Here at John Owens Masonry in Jacksonville FL, our expert brick layers are dedicated to making your home look beautiful. As a paving company, we offer a range of services, including masonry repairs, brick laying and renovating which can help you redesign your home and customize it exactly the way you want it. With our workmanship and your design ideas, your home will not only look stunning but will also remain in excellent condition for much longer!


With Experience Comes Expertise

John Owens Masonry has been operating in Jacksonville FL since 1985. After spending years perfecting our techniques and providing customers around Jacksonville FL with quality masonry and brick laying work, we can proudly say that we are experts in our field! When it comes to our team of brick layers, our experience helps provide unmatched precision work that is completed well within deadline. We ensure that you will not find a competitor to our quality anywhere else in Jacksonville FL!

Customize Your Home to Your Needs

Our brick layers at John Owens Masonry believe that your home should look as beautiful as possible without compromising functionality. We offer a wide range of products and services which can be used to truly customize your living space. Right from the driveway outside your home to the fireplace at the heart of your home, we offer a team of expert brick layers to build and renovate everything according to your preferences. With different shapes and sizes of stones, bricks, concrete and variety of possible designs, we ensure that your home will be a masterpiece! Call John Owens Masonry and hire a team of professional brick layers today!

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